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1. Duke of Edinburgh International Award : We can offer opportunities for hiking, camping, campfire cooking, survival, orienteering, navigation, weather, communications, commando courses, canoeing, mountain biking, leadership challenges, environmental impact, astrology, storytelling, outdoor games, high ropes, rock climbing, exploration and expeditions, first aid, and more.  

2. Self-identity program: voice development, breathing, storytelling, iconic figures study, personality tests, self-awareness and mindfulness activities, leadership challenges, reflection practices, creative games, deep meaning philosophy and more.

3. Food security: global, local and personal food security, world crisis, agriculture practices, industry visits, environmental projects and more. 

4. Sustainable food practice and alternate energy: community projects, solar, wind, hydro, coal, tesla, alternate food production and more.

5. Nutrition and healthy snacking: impact of sugar, reading labels, what are carbs, proteins and fats, cooking practices, healthy snack recipes and more.

6. Permaculture, horticulture, bush foods and more: Community projects and indigenous experiences.

7. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness: A scope of mindfulness practices, yoga practices, meditation practices, daily coping strategies, breathing.

8. Violence avoidance and self discipline: self defense, avoiding violence and common attacks, breathing and more.

9. Belief systems, adulting and life hacks: Why is a personal belief system important? – IT, money, relationships, responsibilities, occupational exploration, life planning skills and more.

10. Groom to bloom: Deportment, articulation, elocution and speaking, etiquette and manners, appreciation of everything, personal hygiene and presentation, dress for success, body conscious not anxious.

11. Automotive basics: Orientation of car mechanics, servicing, changing wheels, panel beating, safety checks, modifications, troubleshooting, insurance and road side assistance and more

12. Design your own course: Simply describe your interest to us and we will match up one of our Personal Learning Specialists to assist you in achieving your goals.

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13. GOLD PROGRAM: Please enquire.