About Us

The Centre for P.E.A.C.E. is the most resounding idea that humans have ever explored! Welcome to our website.

Our core business is to problem solve; any problem from any area of life. We specialise in complicated situations in business, education and daily life. We guarantee our work!

Our aim is to maximise the time people are celebrating in their lives, rather than feeling disenfranchised, disconnected, anxious, hopeless or over-worked.

Our specialised team use groundbreaking scientific and spiritual approaches to maximising a sense of achievement and teaching people how to make money having fun.

An introduction to our core program:

Exodus Education: an all-encompassing, life-long, education system that mimics life and stems from the family model.

In the digital age the role of a general teacher is slowly becoming redundant – teachers will eventually be replaced by quality parenting skills, specialised schooling programs and elite coaches: Every child will be case managed.  If you cannot imagine this system then you are behind the times.

The following is a matrix that facilitates human potential through four elements –





With the facilitation of these elements, every person (or business) can be primed for achieving their potential. Each element is easily measured and can produce outcomes that far supersede any system that is currently in operation. 

Primary themes within the system: Curiosity processes and strategies, sustainable life systems, discernment, symbolism, talent development, elite mindset, problem-solving, outdoor activities, self-discipline, teaching and coaching, peace and conflict studies and moral code.

Age 0-7:

Facilitators – Parents/guardians with early childhood development knowledge and specialised coaches.

  • Play-based learning – movement and language, self-exploration, culture, networking, joyful memory creation and talent development.

Age 7-13:

Facilitators – Parents/guardians and specialised coaches:

  • Project based learning – human studies and emersion in cultural complexities, expectation within the current paradigm, introduction to the meaning-making process, communication and strategy, research and exploration of interests through coaching and networking. What are the possibilities for living life to the fullest? i.e. potential, elite, sustainable satisfaction.

Our package:

Age 13 – Adult:

Facilitators – Every student is case managed by a Personal Learning Specialists


  • Genius skills – Literacy and numeracy, discernment, celebration, effective communication, understanding, research and development (flexible ongoing support)
  • Rites of passage (3-weekends a year) – Life, death and everything in between!
  • The Make-up shop program – human systems (2-week interactive digital course)
  • Excursions to the field of interest – international, national and local. (Flexible)


  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – (3-4 years – A flexible learning program with a focus on risk, environment, self-discipline and adventure).
  • Rave Safe (7-day course with excursions)
  • My E-store Coop e-commerce enterprise – create an income, digital awareness, business basics and entrepreneurship (10-week part-time course, with ongoing support)
  • Consulting and coaching systems


  • T.A.E. – certificate in training and assessment (3-week course)
  • “Moral Code” (An ongoing program)


  • Performing arts and elite training sessions – exercise, expression, talent management (Flexible)
  • Whiteboard movement (ongoing methodological support)
  • Specialisation support and networking (Vocational program, Tafe, University, Sport, Performing arts etc) (flexible but refined)

All students are eligible to apply for extra-curricular components:

  • P.L.S. qualification
  • Licences
  • First aid
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention (N.V.C.I.)
  • Passport attainment
  • Business creation package
  • Access to the shared resource bank
  • International travel card
  • Trusted global network and international recognition


  • On completion of the program, all students are guaranteed a job/business/career… Or they are entitled to a refund.
  • Students may wish to pursue careers elsewhere or become a Personal Learning Specialist which allows them to develop their talent and teach others how to achieve their potential in life.
  • Salaries are capped according to inflation data (everyone becomes rich) – resources are equitably available; depending on qualifications and level of attainment.

In this package you will receive –

  • The full system, in highly detailed format
  • A job, a business and a career!
  • A purpose driven life
  • The ongoing support whenever there is an issue or concern in any area of your life
  • Regular updates with useful information about human potential
  • Assistance with sourcing all aspects of the required resources to complete the courses (Some people in remote location will be more restricted but we can certainly cater for this)
  • Access to a global network of trusted people willing to support and assist in helping you achieve your potential
  • Access to a global shared resource base
  • Qualifications that are recognised and are highly regarded in at least 144 countries
  • A refined understanding of human systems and the functions of society
  • A sense of belonging to a global movement that will develop humanity to a brighter future
  • A fair and equitable program that will contribute to peaceful communities
  • The graduates from this program become the coaches and support network for the future students.

Supporting factors:

Our program provides flexibility

Prioritises time for family connection

Promotes parental involvement and guidance

Offers a system for conflict resolution

Facilitates equitable access to quality resources

Teacher elite mindsets

Reduces the chaos of life and puts control back into the hands of the people

Promotes inclusivity, superior health and quality of life


Our Purpose Statement:

To research systems and imaginations from around the world and develop a pragmatic approach to achieving a state of equilibrium.

Conflict resolution and problem-solving will always lead towards satisfaction and connecting with an ultimate purpose. Sustaining this understanding is what most people find difficult.

Understanding when enough is enough is at the heart of sustaining human existence – let us assist you with your life plan so we can maximise your efficiency, link you in with authentic specialists and connect you with a pool of shared resources.

Life is only as fun as the people you surround yourself with!

Winning comes through community achievement and a strong sense of family.

After decades of extensive research and development, in collaboration with many businesses and organisations from around the world, we are excited to be able to deliver a revolutionary program

–  The technology industry has given rise to a new industry:  

Human-Systems Application

We can show you how to apply a system that functions to sustain meaning and development in your life.

No gimmicks, no tricks, no illusions, no selling, no hidden agenda and no-nonsense

We have designed a new model for world peace based on a unique framework of understanding – “Biomimicry,” “Negentropic Being,” “80/20,” “Looping Theory” “Equilibrium mindset,” “Anti-measurement,” and “Above the Line” – You will not find this information on the internet. We can show you very quickly how to maximise your satisfaction from your experiences in your daily life.

For your consideration:

  • We have done the research and completed the science – let us show you how to achieve everything you ever desired for yourself and your family
  • We assist you to design your life and have access to the resources you require to be satisfied with your entire life
  • Our focus is fun and full of satisfying elements
  • We promise to answer some of life’s biggest questions with real explanations
  • We provide pathways to passive income and retirement
  • No education or experience necessary
  • Training available in over 140 countries
  • Opportunities for formal specialisation.
  • Ignite your life purpose.

Must be 13 years or older to apply

The application interview is only AU$88 (maximum 2 people per interview), includes a 10-year membership. Please contact us to make a booking and receive further information.

During your consultation, if you can convince our team that you have a better system, we’ll pay you AU$1000.

Our organisation – The Centre For Personal Evaluation And Community Enrichment (P.E.A.C.E.) is a registered not-for-profit organisation that has improved many lives. The organisation works like a crossroads for people to be connected with meaningful professional services – some are not for profit and others have business models. We simply find the best programs and services we possibly can and light them up to the community.

We are directed by a team of Personal Learning Specialists who design programs to suit any person – Personal Learning Specialists come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them interesting life experiences, impressive qualifications and a wealth of knowledge. Click here to meet our team.

Since 2009 we have been helping people in every way we can, passionately applying our skills to research and design programs that are genuinely engaging and effective -Programs that provide a rite of passage for the younger generations and programs that establish a positive mindset for overcoming adversity and achieving your potential.

If you are an individual, school, corporation, community organisation or home-schooler you can seriously benefit from what we have to offer.

Our key learning areas include:

Fun and adventure

Health and nutrition

Accessing resources


Empath coaching

Unschooling specialists

Theoretical physics

Mindfulness, metaphysics and philosophy

Survival and bush skills

Sustainable food production

Peace and conflict studies

Community and purpose

Activating genius

Human potential

Theory of Everything

The Age of the Empath

Please see ‘Programs’ for a list of programs we offer and the platforms we use.

We can assist all ages and all levels – we can align our programs with National Curriculum or to any agenda you may have.  Our professional team will personally case manage you to achieve your very best in your area of interest.

We’ve corresponded with The World Health Organisation, Australian Institute of Sport, UN Soldiers, SAS soldiers, American Indian traditional elders, academic authorities, religious leaders and government education departments from a few different countries.

The Centre for P.E.A.C.E. is impartial and independent of any religious creed and our entire focus is to assist you to be the best you can be. We are an inclusive organisation and we wish to reduce violence on all levels and promote peaceful, productive communication (With no hidden agendas or ulterior motives)

An open letter of intent – by James Fuller

Our organisation is endorsed by the University of the Sunshine Coast 

The Centre for P.E.A.C.E. would like to acknowledge that our initiatives are Proudly Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program.


“World peace is a labyrinth with over a trillion dead ends and only one correct path – that tells us that peace is possible”