About Us

You found the point of the internet… The point of sharing information was to get you here. The internet is a loop of eternal information. We were created to break this loop for you -so, you can design and acknowledge the parameters of human potential.

The Centre for Personal Evaluation and Community Enrichment is the reason the internet was created.

We have managed to sift through the chaos and find a place of purpose.

We have much to show you if you are interested in going any further.

Have you ever wondered why you were not taught what you really needed as you were growing up?

Have you ever thought that government systems are corrupt?

No matter how hard you love or work you don’t make the progress you deserve, or you get sick?

Have you ever felt your purpose for life is misguided?

Got questions?

Want to feel empowered?

Trust is the key…

The Centre for P.E.A.C.E. is a registered cooperative, but more than that, we are a global family…

Personal Learning Specialists (PLS) are fully qualified and highly experienced people offering their services to subscribers of the Exodus System. Personal Learning Specialists are superior to coaches, consultants, teachers, mentors, trainers and case managers because they are qualified in all of these areas and have extraordinary life experiences to add to their approach. We fully guarantee that our system will provide healthy employment and life satisfaction.  The system we offer is based on the iSpirit Achievement Matrix (iAM). There are four elements in a person’s potential:





You have a God-given birthright to achieve your potential – Please, do not allow the corruption in this world to corrupt you. Live by your design!


The Centre for P.E.A.C.E. is endorsed by the University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Australia.