Our Philosophy

“We are changing the world one person at a time.”

Our research confirms what many educational theorists have been saying for decades—there are just a few developments required to achieve our personal best in anything we do; in summary, the four elements are identity, independence, integrity and inspiration. All of our programs focus on this matrix. They embody the most precious of human characteristics such as self-discipline, health, composure, spontaneity, confidence, peace, love, spirit, faith and trust. Which create the environment for maximum quality of life and human potential.

The world is filled with incredible resources for authentic education. So many places around the world are waiting to be explored and they offer education and life experiences in return.  Our PLS team is geared-up to facilitate significant learning and exploration for young and old. At the heart of all our programs is the building of strong relationships and having fun.

It is a common understanding that being outdoors has vital benefits to health, growth and learning. So many people are stifled by the rigidity of the systems that require them to be learning in environments that perhaps do not maximise individual performance.

Many individuals have experience life-changing trauma, chronic stress and mental health issues. Most people have not experienced a rite of passage or proper education that is important for securing self-worth as a competent member of the wider community. People can swiftly lose their passion and energy for life. They often get lost in the enormity of societal demands and systems that cause pain and sickness. We will teach all participants the skills they require to be the best they can be at anything they try, and make significant money doing so.

Both over-achievers and those who struggle with traditional methods of education significantly benefit from exploring and developing a healthy mindful lifestyle, such as self-discipline, articulation and a desire to learn.

So many people are often seeking and embracing alternate pathways for themselves and their children; it is becoming more and more obvious that it is the responsibility of educated people to make sure others are aware of the practices that will set them up to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives. Most importantly, that they are contributing to a master plan.

Here’s where we can help:

Our organisation, The Centre for Personal Evaluation and Community Enrichment (P.E.A.C.E.), has been in operation since 2009. Our highly specialised and experienced team have been working effortlessly to produce programs that align with the National Curriculum, Local, National and global agendas, the criteria of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and engage people from all walks of life. Any of our programs can be shaped to include literacy and numeracy components or other core curriculum elements, depending on your purpose.

Current world challenges demand a certain set of skills for an individual to function to their potential. So many of these characteristic are missing in modern education at the levels that are required to prime individuals for achieving their true potential.

Our programs are informed by current world leading data and have been tried and tested on many occasions; successfully facilitating significant growth for all participants. It is our belief that we can assist anyone at any age at any level to achieve greater results in their life.

Our system involves case managing individuals in areas they desire to improve, in order to maximise their experiences and increase overall satisfaction. We are certain we can structure something to suit your agenda and at a reasonable cost.


“As an individual succeeds, so does the community”