iSpirit Achievement Matrix – a model for achieving human potential

Short version Looping Theory – a revolutionary movement for systemic change.

Mainstream Online Education Proposal – Schools to facilitate permanent online, off-campus, learning options. The future is now!

Developing rapport and differentiation with students Genuine – The ultimate goal in the classroom.

High school students are responsible for their relationships – Students must be taught to develop quality relationships with leaders in their life.

Recovery Space Proposal – Detention, suspension, buddy class OR a recovery space that actually works.

Teachers in danger – An article on the dangers of screen time for teachers

Unfair Criteria Sheet Expectations 11.2019 – School are stuck measuring how fish climb trees.

Unschooling worksheet 1. A glossary for beginning the unschooling journey.


A controversial view on knowledge and the world.

The most important lesson – a philosophical inquiry into WHAT you are


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We have several theories currently being assessed and peer reviewed. We hope to have legitimate results for you soon – until then, a thought provoking prose that our more creative team members created.





“The catalyst” for everything thought and created…

From the simplest of inventions,

to the most complex of scientific discovery.

From the humblest of shelters,

to the mind boggling towers of architectural design.

From a single personal belief,

to the dominating hegemonic systems.

From the ability to take a breath,

to the greatest achievements of human endeavours.

The identity, the independence, the integrity, the energy from all that inspires.

It is not religious nor academic,

not limited by the human mind nor controlled by

human desire, on the contrary,

the single natural component of all things is

spirit – and it deserves our attention!