Our Intitatives

In collaboration with Happy Homes and Exodus Management our research informs the following programs:

  • Workplace and personal assessments for Burnout (Click for more information and to access our free survey)
  • Bus and driver hire
  • Education consultancy
  • Merchandising
  • VIP Health Clinic – Nursing care

At the core of our approach is ‘The iSpirit Achievement Matrix’ – Taken from a range of sources such as UN Soldier training, early childhood and current educational theory, Native American Philosophy, corporate leadership, World Health Organisation and CSIRO data and current global wellbeing research; our unique and simple matrix facilitates human potential.

All our programs align with the elements of this matrix – the primary focus is on developing:





We strongly believe that if we can increase these entities in an individual then they are primed for achieving their potential in anything they attempt.

Ultimately, individuals who begin achieving their goals will become more satisfied and peaceful within themselves, leading to the motivation to teach others to do the same.

Currently our programs are implemented and proving to be very successful in high schools, colleges and health care field.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our programs or would like to be involved.


 “All you need to know is that the human spirit is a matrix of four entities – identity, independence, integrity and inspiration.”