Our Philosophy

“We are improving the world one person at a time.”

Our research confirms what many theorists have been saying for decades—there are just a few developments required to achieve our personal best in anything we do; in summary, the four elements are identity, independence, integrity and inspiration.

All of our services are grounded in this focus.

They embody the most precious of human characteristics such as self-discipline, health, composure, spontaneity, confidence, peace, love, spirit, faith and trust. Which creates the environment for maximum quality of life and human potential.

The world is filled with incredible resources and with a little understanding, we can access and utilise these in our life.  At the heart of all our programs is to fulfil the needs of others and create a standard of living that is healthy, and sustainable, builds strong relationships and promotes fun.

Many individuals have experienced life-changing trauma, chronic stress and mental health issues. Most people have not experienced a rite of passage or had the opportunity to develop an awareness of how to live healthily and contribute to the wider community.

People often get lost in the enormity of societal demands and systems that cause pain and sickness. We help others with care, referrals and basic needs so they are better positioned to understand what they need to do to achieve a higher standard of living.

Here’s where we can help:

Our organisation, The Centre for Personal Evaluation and Community Enrichment (P.E.A.C.E.), has been in operation since 2009. Our highly specialised and experienced team have been working effortlessly to produce programs that assist in coping and rising above current issues.

Our systems involve case managing individuals in areas they require to improve, in order to maximise their experiences and increase overall wellbeing.

“As an individual succeeds, so does the community”